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Consulting / Contracting Services

In 1989, Charles Scott Enterprises Inc. initial business offering was full time Information Technology consulting.

Since that time the majority of our consulting business has been local, in the Nebraska / Iowa area. Approximately 10% of our consulting business has been with national and worldwide affiliates.

Our full time consulting staff skills range from Web Services to Client Server to Mid-range to Mainframe systems. We offer our consulting staff a winning combination of excellent percentage of contract and a full line of employment benefits.

We would be very pleased to add you to our consulting staff. We appreciate your consideration of our company for your career needs.
Charles Scott Enterprises, Inc. has become a well established Recruiting and Consulting organization. We pride ourselves on the strengths and quality of our consultant staff. The professionals we represent, and present to our client companies, are the image that has established our reputation, and allowed our success.

Our Staff.
Charles Scott Enterprises, Inc. consultants generally average over 10 years of experience. They provide a well rounded supplement to any organization. When we recruit an individual, we look for combinations of strong technical, management and people skills.

Our Clients.
Charles Scott Enterprises, Inc. clients tend to be established leading edge organizations. Over 90% of our contracts are 1 year and longer, most extend multiple years. The other 10% are short term and are filled by staff that enjoy short-term assignments, and like the challenge of stepping in and quickly producing specific results.

Benefits of Charles Scott Enterprises, Inc. Employment
The founders of Charles Scott Enterprises, Inc. came from technical IS professions. Contractors themselves, they wanted to build an environment where an individual could find challenging work, above average compensation, good benefit packages, and most of all have a support and marketing staff that would ensure employment when desired, without the headache of constant self-marketing and administration.

If you would like further consideration, please email us Contact Us or send us your resume Send Your Resume.