Charles Scott Enterprises, Inc.

                  Personnel Recruiting, Consulting and Management 



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of people do you place?
A: We specialize in Information Technology, but we place all disciplines.

Q: In what states do you place people?
A: We place Candidate in all 50 states and have done some international work.

Q: Nothing is free ... who pays for your service?
A: All our services are Client Company paid.    There's never any fee to a Candidate.

Q: What do you charge companies for a full time placement?
A:  The industry standard is a percentage of first year base salary.         

Q: When do you pay for a placed referral?
A: The same day the Client Company pays us.

Q: Do  you place all Candidates?
A:  No.   We wish we did.   We usually know within 4 weeks if we'll be successful.  

Q: How do you place Candidates?
A:  With a lot of telephone work.

Q: How big an office staff do you have?
A:  We usually have one research analyst that helps the recruiters.

Q: How many recruiters do you have in your office?
A:  All of our recruiters also work contracts, but there's generally 2 to 5.  

Q: Why do  you ask for so much information?
A: Our job is to get you an interview.    The more we know about you the better we perform.